A culinary project inspired by indigenous and village life in Mexico.



We are passionate about exploring and sustaining the villages, towns and communities of the Yucatán peninsula and México. We work with local farmers, agronomists, fishermen and food suppliers to source and showcase the seasons best.

Our menu varies according to the bio cultural network of the Mayan area.

Located 3 kilometres inside the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve with the Caribbean Sea to one side, agiant lagoon to the other surrounded by hundreds of animal species we endeavour to transcribe our surroundings into our food. Our kitchen, led by Hugo Durán is one of simplistic beauty.

Pre-hispanic ¨ollas¨ fashioned from Oaxaca clay and fuelled entirely by firewood is the beating heart of Ka´an. Sagaciously, Durán imparts a sense of wonder and an understanding of our magnificent location.

Eat Together

We do not cook products, we transform the landscape into food.


The main ingredient of our cuisine are the maizes These, like our tortilla teachers who come from small communities of Oaxaca. Our tortillas keep the flavor of the identity, diversity and tradition of the native peoples.

With the intention of preserving its millenary chains of consumption, we only buy the surpluses that the families harvest in their own homes, supporting at the same time, to the rescue of ancestral maizes.

Our dishes of deep flavors reconcile the past with contemporary values; They are presented in handmade clay ware, transmitting the warmth and purity of our people.


The Kitchen




Hugo Duran studied visual arts at La Esmeralda School of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Duran’s work is based on the development of his personal culinary language, inspired by his travels, field research and study of bio-cultural diversity of Mexico’s central region, this is directed towards the search for wild and native ingredients and in a deep approach to the maize cuisine. He is what some would consider a nomadic chef.